Coorevin Farm

Suckler Enterprise

♦  A.I used on 25% of herd for breeding replacements

♦  Breeds used include Limousines and Simmentals, which
    commence in May

♦  The Charolais bull is used as a terminal sire.

♦  Cows let out to bull on May 20th. Cows scanned 85 to 90
    days after bulls are let out. Repalcement heifers calve down
    at 24 months.

♦  Calf creep feeding begins at the end of September and
    weaning starts from the middle of October.

♦  Housing calves and cows commence at the end of October.

♦  Heifers are sold as stores at 12 months. Average weight
    range from 480 to 490 kgs

♦  Wintered for 120 days, Fed silage ad-lib and meal rising to

♦  Heifers finished as beef at 18 months. At finishing, they
    would eat up to 4kgs/day, with an average carcase weight of
    390 kgs.

Moran's Agricultural Experience

Sheep Enterprise

♦  Belclare rams for replacements

♦  Charolais and Suffolk as terminal sires
♦  Rams let out on August 15th and taken away at end of
    October. Ewes are scanned 90 days later (approx Nov 15th)

♦  Ewes housed mid December and fed a diet of baled silage
    and meal. Silage is fed ad-lib, with meal beginning at
    0.7kg/hd/day for muliple ewes. This increases to 
   1.5kg/hd/day at lambing.

♦  Lambs which are not kept for breeding are sold to the
    abattoir, weighing between 45 and 47 kgs/ live weight.

♦  Sale of lambs begins at the end of May. Generally all lambs
    are sold by the end of September.

♦  Coorevin Farm produces Farm Fresh Lamb for the freezer
    click here for details >

Grassland Management

♦  Slurry is spread early in the year (usually February) on
    grazing ground at 1,500 gallons to the acre. 2,000 
    gallons/acre spread on silage ground at closing.

♦  Silage ground closes on April 15th. 25% of the farm is
    closed for first cut silage. Surplus grass from the grazing
    ground is made into silage bales.
♦  Reseeding is carried out when required

♦  Stock are grazed in two groups. This involves grazing ewes
    with twin lambs plus yearling heifers and suckler cows and
    calves with the ewes with single lambs.

♦  Grass is measured on a weekly basis with "a plate meter".
    This allows for more efficient use of grass on the farm.